When we sat down to write the introduction for our company, another remarkable idea came into our heads. :-) After serious thought, we came to the conclusion that we did not want to represent ourselves by means of so-called “clichés” that have been overexposed and have lost all their originality. Generally speaking, one’s assertions of being something like: “one of the leading companies” or “a super company”, etc., do not influence the reputation of the company at all, in our opinion. In the conditions of the open market and strong competition, it is just the market, and nothing else, that actually decides whether a company is a leading one. The market uses the products and services of the companies it trusts. That is it.
Hence, we have decided to grant this right to you — our dear customers, partners and suppliers — to decide whether our company is one of the leaders amongst more than two hundred competitors. As to our opinion in this respect, we shall keep it to ourselves, because our competitiveness, image and reputation largely depend on your opinion about the company. 
Thus, we have declined to use such a slogan as “one of the leading companies”. Real life, your opinion and the future have defined, define and will keep on defining who is who. And we shall trust your definition…:-) 
Our aim is striving for Perfection… In everything we do…
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Due to the fact that our company operates solely on the internal market of Latvia, only this page introducing the company is available in English for English-speaking visitors to our website. All the other internal pages are available in Latvian and Russian. However, you might be interested in such sections of the site as Video Adverts and Photo Session.
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A person is a fraction, where the numerator is formed of his merits and the denominator of his opinion of himself.
Leo Tolstoy
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